We learn about being libertarian when we're children. We're taught by our parents

  • Don't hit
  • It's not yours, don't take it
  • Keep your promises

It teaches us respect for others. Now if we could get people to apply it to public policy as well.

  • The power of government is used to force people to live the way others think they should.
  • The government power of taxation, regulation, or eminent domain is used to take property that belongs to others.
  • Politicians will say anything do anything to get elected. But what they end up doing is making promises the taxpayers can't keep.

Libertarians remember what our parents taught us.

  • Individual liberty and responsibility. You own yourself and no one else. You have the freedom to think and act as you choose as long as you don't harm others.
  • Since you own yourself, you own the fruit of your labor. It's not your neighbor's and it's certainly not the government's.
  • Libertarians believe that it is the highest duty of government to defend the inalienable rights of the individual, as expressed in our founding documents. Because a government that is limited in its power won't hit you and take your stuff!

Candidate Mary Buzuma

Your Life, Your Voice, Your Choice

Mary Buzuma for governor